Oil Pressure

The oil pump is non-regulatory and delivers its entire volume of oil under pressure to the engine. When a cold engine is started, engine oil will be thick or viscous, restricting circulation through the oiling system and causing high oil pressure; as engine becomes hot and oil thins, pressure will correspondingly drop. Similarly, when an engine is operated at high speeds, the volume of oil circulated through the oiling system increases, resulting in higher oil pressure; as engine speed is reduced, volume of oil pumped is also reduced resulting in lower oil pressure.

To check oil pressure, use Oil Pressure Gauge, Part No. 96921-52. Remove oil pressure switch from motorcycle as described in "Disassembling Oil Pump Check Valve," Section 3E. Insert pressure switch hose fitting in oil switch connection of pump nipple.

Run the engine until oil becomes hot. Under normal riding conditions oil pressure will vary from 10-14 lbs. Idle down, retard spark and check the gauge. Oil pressure will vary from 3 to 7 lbs.


Thoroughly wash filter element (3) in clean gasoline or solvent at least every 2000 miles or whenever engine oil is changed. Renew filter element every 5000 miles. To disassemble filter, follow order of disassembly under Fig. 3A-5. Assembly is essentially the reverse order of disassembly. Be sure "O" ring (8) is positioned in filter cup (7) flange.


Clean and inspect all parts replacing any that are worn or damaged. Pay particular attention to the oil tank cap gasket (10) and the cap washer (13). To disassemble tank cap follow order of disassembly under Fig. 3A-5. Assembly is the reverse order of disassembly.

If oil leakage should occur between the tank cap and the filler opening, (and the cap and gasket are in good condition), check the lip of the filler opening. A tank cap drawn too tight will bend the lip of the filler opening resulting in a poor seat between gasket and lip.

Using a mallet as a driver and a piece of wood as a cushion, bend the lip down until flush with sealing surface of tank cap. Use emery cloth to remove any nicks or rough spots from lip.

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