Order Of Assembly

1. Check end play of cam gears described below under "Determining Correct Cam Gear End Play."

2. Retime the breather valve according to the instructions under "Timing Breather Valve."

3. Install the timing gears and assemble the gearcase cover in place. See "Installing Timing Gears and Gearcase Cover."

4. Install valve tappets and valve tappet guides (if they have been removed). See "Valve Tappets and Valve Tappet Guides."

5. Reassemble circuit breaker or magneto. See "Circuit Breaker," Section 5F.

6. Install push rods and adjust tappets as described in "Cylinder Head," Section 3B and "Removing and Installing Push Rods," and "Adjusting Tappets."

7. Refer to Fig. 3D-13. Assemble breather pipe (4), gear shift foot lever (3), footrest (2), exhaust pipe port clamps (1) and muffler clamps.

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