Removing Cylinder Head Assembly

Before removing cylinder head assembly, strip motorcycle as described in "Stripping Motorcycle For Engine Repair," Section 3A, steps 1-5, 7, 24-27. Free carburetor and manifold assembly from motorcycle by removing two manifold clamps and carburetor support bracket nut. at crankcase. Loosen two oil line nuts (2, Fig. 3B-7), and remove spark plugs.

See Fig. 3B-6, and proceed as follows. Open push rod covers. Press push rod cover spring retainers (7) down and remove push rod cover keepers (2). Telescope lower push rod cover (4) over upper cover (8).

Figure 3B-6. Push Rod Assembly - Exploded View

To remove cylinder head assembly, turn engine until both valves are closed in cylinder head. Remove cylinder head bolts (1, Fig. 3B-7). Free cylinder head and rocker arm cover assembly (from left side of motorcycle), valve push rods and push rod covers and oil lines in one operation. Mark push rods in some manner to identify them as to cylinder head and valve from which they were taken. If push rods are reinstalled in same locations from which they were removed, a minimum amount of valve adjusting should be necessary. If the cylinder head does not come loose on removal of head bolts, tap lightly with rawhide hammer. Never try to pry head off.

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