Removing Fork Slider Bushings

Insert the fork slider bushing puller and cap (1, Fig. 2F-33) into the fork slider a sufficient distance to allow the claws to extend below lower end of the upper fork slider bushing (12A, Fig. 2F-21). Place puller cap into oil seal counterbore. Apply oil to screw threads and steel thrust washer and turn nut down against puller cap to remove all slack from puller assembly. Use a Big Twin engine sprocket nut wrench and continue to turn nut against puller cap until bushing is removed (see Fig. 2F-34).

To remove lower fork slider bushing, follow same procedure used in removing upper fork bushing.



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Before installing new fork slider bushings (12A, Fig. 2F-21), thoroughly clean slider bore and lubricate

Figure 2F-31. Bending Fork Stem and Bracket Assembly

Figure 2F-30. Checking Bracket Alignment

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