Removing Transmission Access Cover

Unless transmission is damaged inside so that it cannot be shifted from one position to another, shift into high gear. Place an oil drain pan under clutch and remove footrest, stoplight switch, rear brake foot pedal, chain case cover, clutch, front chain and compensating sprocket as described in "Clutch," Section 4B.

Remove starter crank assembly, right footrest and foot shift lever. Loosen exhaust pipe, remove transmission sprocket cover, starter crank gear, starter clutch gear and starter crankshaft as described in "Starter," Section 4C.

Loosen mainshaft nut (1) and disconnect rear chain by removing chain connecting link. See Fig. 4D-15

1. Mainshaft nut

2. Mainshaft lock washer

3. Mainshaft sprocket

4. Oil seal retainer screw and lock washer (4)

5. Oil seal and retainer

6. Oil seal gasket

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

and proceed as follows. Remove transmission mainshaft nut (1) and lockwasher (2), If mainshaft sprocket (3) is tight on shaft use All Purpose Claw Puller to remove sprocket, To avoid tooth breakage grasp two teeth with each end of puller. Remove retainer screws (4), oil seal and retainer (5) and gasket (6).

See Fig. 4D-16. Remove four access cover cap screws (2). Pry clutch gear oil seal (3), from clutch gear with screwdriver or release rod end that has been wiped dry. Remove hub nut rubber "O" ring (4), (if used) from clutch gear extension groove. Using Transmission Access Cover Puller, Part No. 9556057, loosen access cover from left crankcase side as shown in Fig. 4D-17. Remove access cover from crankcase with transmission parts that remain attached to the cover (see Fig. 4D-18).


To free shifter mechanism from access cover, remove mainshaft second gear (1, Fig. 4D-20), cap screw (1, Fig. 4D-19) and retainer ring (2). With a "Tru-Arc" Pliers remove retaining ring (3) and washer (4). Free cam (5), pawl carrier (6), pawl carrier support (7) and pawl carrier- support shims (7A) (if used). Remove pawl carrier springs (8) and shifter pawls and springs (9). To free shifter forks (10) and finger rollers (11), remove countershaft assembly (17, 16, 15, 14 and 13, Fig. 4D-20).


Remove mainshaft (2), thrust washer (3) and 23 rol-

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