Repairing Leaking Tanks

Tank leaks may be arc welded, gas welded or soldered. However, only firms or persons qualified to make such repairs should be entrusted with the operation.

If ALL traces of fuel are not purged, an open flame rspsiir may rssult in 3. tank explosion. Extreme caution in all tank repair is re com -mended.


The supply valve is located under the fuel tank. The valve has two handles; one is marked "reserve" and the other is unmarked. Fuel to carburetor is shut off when both handles are in horizontal position.

Figure 3F-16. Diaphragm Type Fuel Supply Valve and Strainer

Turning the unmarked handle to vertical position turns on main fuel supply; turning "reserve" handle to vertical position turns on reserve supply.

The fuel strainer is located on top of the supply valve inside the fuel tank. If the supply of fuel is impeded, as indicated by irregular carburetion, remove the supply valve from the tank and thoroughly clean the strainer. Be sure to drain the tank before removing the supply valve.

Before installing supply valve, coat threads with a fuel sealer.

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