Replacing Field Coils And Brushes

Remove pole shoe screws (7), terminals nuts, lockwashers and insulating washers (8) and terminal screw (9). Remove set of field coils with brush (10) and pole shoes (11). It is unnecessary to remove brush holders (12) except when defective or when replacing grounded brushes (13). Remove by cutting off or drilling out rivets. Replacement brushes are complete with screws (14), washers, and nuts (15) for attaching to frame. To remove brush springs (16), compress one side of spring with a small screwdriver until it flips out of its seat. Then turn spring clockwise until it comes out of holder. Replacement insulated brush holder set (17) is available with insulator (18) and attaching hardware. Grounded replacement brush holder set (19) includes grounded brushes (13) and insulated brushes (20) with necessary attaching hardware.

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