TRUMPET HORN - 1964 AND EARLIER duo-glide AND sportster

If the horn does not blow satisfactorily, the trouble may be caused by a constricted diaphragm, loose terminal wires, or a discharged battery. Before attempting to correct horn performance by moving the adjusting screw, it is recommended procedure to trouble shoot as follows: (Fig. 5K-1 and 5K-2).

1. Check the battery for adequate current. Examine the horn trumpet (10 or 11, depending on model being worked on) and power pack (6) for misalignment with each other causing constriction of power pack diaphragm. To correct horn misalignment, loosen horn power pack support bracket (16) or (17)

and horn support bracket nut (7), and correctly align (10 or 11) and (6) with each other. Be sure the horn trumpet does not contact any part of the engine. If horn trumpet and power pack cannot be realigned, check the power pack support bracket (16) or (17) for bent condition.

2. Check to make sure horn power pack has not been tightened more than 2 to 2-1/2 turns on trumpet stem. If tightened further, trumpet stem end will obstruct operation of pack diaphragm.

3. Inspect horn wiring for damage or loose connections at the terminal points. Loose or damaged horn wires will result in inadequate voltage at the

1. Horn trumpet nut 8.

2. Horn cover screw 9.

3. Horn cover

4. Horn wire terminals (2) 10.

5. Horn power pack bracket 11.

mounting bolt (2)

6. Horn power pack 12.

7. Horn trumpet mounting nut

Horn trumpet lock washer 13.

Horn trumpet mounting 14.

rubber washer 15. Horn trumpet

Horn trumpet mounting 16.

rubber washer 17.

Horn trumpet mounting 18. rubber bushing

Horn trumpet plain washer Horn trumpet mounting bolt Circuit breaker control coil clamp and horn bracket Horn power pack support bracket Horn adjusting screw and nut Horn trumpet screen

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 5K-1. Horn - Exploded View - Duo-Glide (1964 & Earlier)

Figure 5K-2. Horn - Exploded View - Sportster (1964 & Earlier)

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