Servicing Rear Chain

At regular service intervals of 1000 miles, examine the rear chain for adequate lubrication and worn chain links. If additional chain lubrication is needed, adjust chain oiler according to the procedure described in "Rear Chain Oiler."

Figure 2B-4. Rear Chain Oiler (1966 Models Shown)

Occasionally the chain should be removed from the motorcycle, inspected for worn condition and receive additional lubrication. Free chain from motorcycle by removing spring-locked connecting link. Connecting link pins which have press fitted side plates can be pressed apart with Chain Repair Tool, Part No. 95020-38 which is supplied in accessory rider tool kit. A shop tool is available for this purpose under Part No. 95021-29. Lay clean chain out flat and contract chain by taking up all slack in its links. Measure the chain length. Then stretch chain out to its full length and again measure chain length. If the difference between the two measurements exceeds 1 in., the chain should be replaced. In addition, if the chain has any stiff links, is visibly worn or damaged, it should be replaced. If a new chain is not available and it is necessary to repair the old chain, remove damaged links by pressing out riveted link pins with Chain Repair Tool.

Before installing chain on motorcycle proceed as follows: Soak and wash thoroughly in a pan of kerosene. Remove chain from kerosene and hang to allow kerosene to drain off. Immerse for a short time in a pan of grease heated to the consistency of light engine oil. If grease or facilities for heating are not available, substitute light engine oil. While immersed, move chain around to be sure that hot grease or oil works through inner chain bearings. Remove from lubricant and allow chain to drain. Wipe all surplus grease or oil from chain surface.

Install chain on motorcycle. Inspect connecting link and spring clip closely for bad condition. Replace if at all questionable. To install new press fitted connecting link, use Rear Chain Assembling Tool, Part No. 95020-66. Be sure spring clip is securely locked on pin ends, open end of clip on outside, trailing direction of chain travel, as positioned on motorcycle.

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