Slot Open End Must Face Toward Inside Of Lever

Sprocket cover bolt (2) 6

Sprocket cover 7

Control cable end 8

Clutch release worm and lever 9

Clutch release worm and 10 lever spring

Clutch adjusting screw lock nut Clutch adjusting screw Clutch release worm cover Clutch release rod - left Clutch release rod - right

11. Clutch release rod - right center

12. Clutch release rod - left center

13. Sprocket cover roll pin

14. Clutch cable felt seal retainer

15. Clutch cable ferrule (2)

16. Clutch cable felt seal

Figure following name of part indicates quantity necessary for one complete assembly.

Figure 4B-6. Clutch Release Mechanism - Exploded View

See Fig. 4B-8. Remove twelve clutch cover screws (1), six retainers (2), clutch cover (3) and gasket (4).

Loosen cover evenly in several places. Do not pry cover loose at one point as cover maybe sprung out of shape and will not be oil-tight when reassembled.

With clutch cover (3) removed, the clutch releasing disc (10), clutch springs (8), spring-tension adjusting plate (7) and six spring adjusting nuts are in view. Three of the spring-tension adjusting nuts (5) have 7/16 in. hex-heads and three nuts (6) have 1/2 in. hex-heads. All spring-tension adjusting nuts are recessed to conform to raised portion of spring-tension adjusting plate which provides a lock for the nuts.

Tighten each of the six nuts one-half turn at a time. The nuts must always remain in their locked positions after adjustment is made.

Tightening the spring-tension adjusting nuts moves the spring-tension adjusting plate (7) closer to the outside surface of the clutch releasing plate (10). The inner surface of the spring-tension adjusting plate should measure 3/16 in. from the outer surface of the flange on the clutch spring cups (9) for normal clutch spring-tension adjustment. When increasing spring tension, do not diminish above distance to less than 7/64 in. or clutch will not release.


Remove starter crank, exhaust pipe and muffler. Remove right front footrest and two transmission sprocket cover bolts (1). With a mallet, lightly tap cover (2), at the same time working cover off starter shaft. Loosen adjusting screw lock nut (6) and adjusting screw (7). Disengage clutch cable end (3) from clutch release worm and lever (4) by moving lever forward, (as positioned on motorcycle) until approximately 1 in. of cable remains in gearcase cover. At the same time, press coil in (towards oil pump) and down to free from cover. Loosen clip securing coil to left front frame member and disengage cable from hand lever. Control cable and coil assembly can now be removed from motorcycle.

To remove cable only, first remove sprocket cover from motorcycle and cut off cable end (3). Disengage cable from hand lever and pull out from upper end of coil.

A new control cable coil should be approximately 47-3/4 in. long for speedster bars and 51-1/16 in. long for buckhorn bars. Strip approximately 5/8 in. insulated covering from upper coil end, and approximately 1-1/4 in. from lower end before installing upper and lower ferrules (15). To attach rubber control housing oiler, simply strip off approximately 1/4 in. insulated covering, 7 in. from hand lever, and slip oiler in place.

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