Upper contact Spring

Plastic washer Lower contact Nylon insulating cap

Figure 5C-1A. Button Switches - Exploded View 5C—2

This type switch has the headlamp dimmer switch and horn button combined in one unit located on the handlebar. High and low beams are operated with flip switch. Button operates horn. See Figure 5C-1B.

To disassemble switch, remove clamping screws (1) and separate parts of switch: cover (2), switch (3), and base (4). Remove wires (5) from switch by loosening terminal screws (6).

Figure 5C-1B. Dimmer and Horn Switch Exploded View

Check switch for wear, and replace switch if it will not stay in high or low beam position. Check spring tension on horn button.

Replace worn or broken parts with a new switch or base. Clean terminals and reassemble in reverse order. Be careful not to over-tighten clamp screws or plastic body may crack.


This switch is threaded into the transmission top cover. Switch plunger is depressed by a nub on the shifter drum or shifter gear only when the transmission is in neutral to complete the circuit. A variable number of spacing washers are used to close the circuit only when transmission is in neutral. Switch is permanently assembled and if it fails to close the circuit when operating plunger is depressed, it must be replaced.

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