Spoking Front Wheel

1964 AND LATER (Fig. 2C-14A)

Front wheel rim is identified by part No. stamped in rim well as follows: 18" steel 43001-64, 18" aluminum 43009-64, 19" steel 43003-64, and 19" aluminum 43010-64. 20 spoke holes are equally spaced around each side flange of hub. 20 spoke holes are arranged in pairs on each side of rim well. Holes are spaced the same on each side of both rim and hub.

Note that there are two types of spokes, long and short at bent end as shown in Figure 2C-14A. One long and one short spoke are used in each pair. The long spoke (L) of each pair on rim crosses over to opposite side of hub while the short spoke (S) of each pair on rim connects to same side of hub. Spoke arrangement is shown in figure 2C-14A.

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