1. Access cover

2. Access cover cap screws (4)

3. Clutch gear oil seal

4. Hub nut rubber "O" ring

(XLCH, 1966 & earlier XLH)

Figure 4D-16. Transmission Access Cover 4D-14

Figure 4D-17. Removing Transmission Access Cover lers (4) from right crankcase. Remove low gear (5) from mainshaft splines. Pry retainer ring (6) from groove in mainshaft and discard ring. Slip washer (7) and third gear (8) from mainshaft.

Support access cover (9) on arbor press, clutch gear threaded end up. Carefully press clutch gear (10) from ball bearing (20). Remove low gear washer (11) and third gear (12) from countershaft. Press drive gear (13) from countershaft splines and remove gear spacer (14), second gear (15) and thrust washer (16). Free countershaft low gear (18) and low gear washer (19). Drift out oiler plug (22) from inside of access cover.

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