Changing the front fork oil all XJ750 models except XJ750 J

The procedure for changing the fork oil on the above models is generally similar to that described in Section 34 Follow the directions in that Section, noting the following! points.

To remove the handlebars, prise off the rectangular trim blank from the centre of the handlebar cover to expose the cover retaining screws. Release the screws and lift the covet away. The handlebar assembly can now be removed b) releasing the clamp halves.

Before removing the fork top plugs, unscrew the fork ail valve caps and release the pressure from each fork bt depressing the valve core for a few seconds.

The oil grades and quantities per leg are as shown below

Fork oil capacities (per leg)

SAE 20W fork oil XJ750(UK) 312 cc (11.0 Imp, fl oz)

SAE 10W/30 motor oil or SAE 10W fork oil

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