Model dimensions and weights

Overall length Overall width Overall height Wheelbase Seat height Ground clearance Kerb weight

XJ650 G

1445 mm

145 mm

XJ650(UK) XJ650 RJ


Overall length Overall width Overall height Wheelbase Seat height Ground clearance Kerb weight

XJ750 RH, RJ

140 mm

XJ750 J

135 mm


145 mm

Ordering spare parts

Before attempting any overhaul or maintenance wotk. it is important to ensure that any parts likely to be required are to hand. Many of the more common parts such as gaskets and seals will be available off the shelf from the local Yamaha dealer, but often it will prove necessary to order more specialised parts weli in advance, it is worthwhile running through the operation to be undertaken, referring to the appropriate Chapter and section of this book, so that a note can ] I be made of the items most likely to be required. In some instances it will of course be necessary to dismantle the assembly in question so that the various components can be examined and measured for wear and in these instances, it must be remembered that the machine may have to be left dismantled while the replacement parts are obtained.

It is advisable to purchase almost all new parts from an official Yamaha dealer. Almost any motorcycle dealer should be able to obtain the parts in time, but this may take longer than it would through the official factory spares arrangement. It is quite in order to purchase expendable items such as spark plugs, bulbs, tyres, oil and grease from the nearest convenient source.

Owners should be very wary of some of the pattern parts that might be offered at a lower price than the Yamaha originals. Whilst in most cases these will be of an adequate

Engine number is stamped on crankcase

standard. some of the more important parts have been known to fail suddenly and cause extensive damage in the process. A particular danger in recent years is the growing number of counterfeit parts from Taiwan. These include items such as oil filters and brake pads and are often soid in packaging which is almost indistinguishable from the manufacturer's own. Again, these are often quite serviceable parts, but can sometimes be dangerously inadequate in materials or construction. Apart from rendering the manufacturer's warranty invalid, use of substandard parts may put the life of the rider (or the machine) at risk. In short, where there are any doubts on safety grounds purchase parts only from a reputable Yamaha dealer. The extra cost involved pays for a high standard of quality and the parts will be guaranteed to work effectively.

Most machines are subject to continuous detail modifications throughout their production run, and in addition to annual model changes. In most cases these changes will be known to the dealer but not to the general public, so it is essential to quote the engine and frame numbers in full when ordering parts. The engine number is embossed in a rectangular section of the crankcase close to the engine rear right-hand upper mounting, and the frame number is stamped on the right-hand side of the steering head.

Frame number is stamped on steering head
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