Pressure indicator lamp goes on

38 Engine lubrication system failure

Engine oil defective. Oil pump shaft or locating pin sheared off from ingesting debris or seizing from lack of lubrication (low oil level).

Engine oil screen clogged. Change oil and filter and service pickup screen.

Engine oil level too low. Inspect for leak or other problem causing low oil level and add recommended lubricant.

Engine oil viscosity too low. Very old, thin oil, or an improper weight of oil used in engine. Change to correct lubricant.

Camshaft or journals worn. High wear causing drop in oil pressure. Replace cam and/or head. Abnormal wear could be caused by oil starvation at high rpm from low oil level, improper oil weight or type, or loose oil fitting on upper cylinder oil line.

Crankshaft and/or bearings worn. Same problems as paragraph 5. Overhaul lower end.

Relief valve stuck open. This causes the oil to be dumped back into the sump. Repair or replace.

39 Electrical system failure

Oil level switch defective. Check switch according to the procedures in Chapter 6. Replace if defective.

Fault diagnosis £_

Oil level indicator lamp wiring system defective. Check for pinched, shorted, disconnected or damaged wiring.

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